6 Reasons You Need an Aroma Diffuser (and 2 Reasons You Don’t)

Like your furniture, lighting and the colour of your walls, how your room smells can affect you either positively or negatively. A room that smells like nothing, or worse, like sweaty feet can put you in a foul mood, distress you, leave your room tasteless and frankly, make your room unbearable.

You don’t want that. Lucky you, that’s just what fragrances are for. And no, your perfume is not a good replacement. Essential oils have tremendous benefits for your psychological wellbeing as well as many applications such as for practising yoga. 

Okay, enough about essential oils. Why do you need an aroma diffuser? First up, what’s an aroma or oil diffuser? 

What is an Aroma Diffuser?

Essential oil, fragrance oil, aromatherapy electronic diffuser

Put simply, it’s a device that diffuses or disperses aromatic scents within a space. 

Essentially, the diffuser breaks the essential oils down into smaller molecules and spreads them evenly in the air in what looks like smoke. Unlike smoke, the diffuser doesn’t overwhelm your senses by aggressively filling the room with the oils. The aroma diffuser disperses your chosen oil in pleasant doses that make it easy to breathe. 

6 Reasons You Need an Oil Diffuser

You know what an aroma diffuser is. Now, do you need it? Frankly, you do. Why? Because you deserve nice things in life and our Aroma Diffuser is a fantastic way to enjoy the full benefits of essential oils. 

The next 6 points will better explain the benefits of owning an oil diffuser. Please not that we'll use oil and aroma diffuser interchangeably. 

Make the most out of Your Oils

Most aroma diffusion systems rely on heat, meaning that you lose many of the benefits of the oils to the heating process. Thankfully at Cadaroma, what we offer is an ultrasonic Aroma diffuser and uses a method called cold diffusion. This keeps the properties of the oils in one piece, meaning you enjoy the full benefits of your oil. No need to spend more than necessary on oils for the same effect. 

Measured and comfortable fragrance distribution

If there was anything that embodied the phrase, too much of everything is bad, air fresheners, incense and candles as well as nebulizers are probably in there. These can be overwhelming with how they disperse scents. They’re like a child who doesn’t know how to control their bladder. Aroma Diffusers, however, are more measured. They disperse oils comfortably over time and mildly. They don’t overpower your senses and make it easy to breathe. 

Good for people with asthma or sensitive noses

To the point above, Aroma Diffusers are a good choice for asthmatic people and people with sensitive noses. Because these devices spread the oils in a comfortable, way, they’re less likely to irritate your smell receptors, even within a small space. Even better, you can control how long you want the smells diffused for. 

Exquisite Decorative Piece

aroma diffuser for sale in ghana makes decor exquisite

Aroma diffusers can enhance the look of your room. Our Aroma Diffuser, in particular, is a love letter to interior decor. It’s just the perfect size; just big enough Our wood finish and exquisite spherical shape will change how your space looks. It’ll bring a level of sophistication, unlike any other statement piece. You should seriously get it, even if you somehow don’t appreciate a pleasant smelling room. 

Insect Repellent 

Urgh, insects. The constant buzz of mosquitoes in your ear or watching insects parade themselves around your house like landlords are infuriating. Say goodbye to mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies when you use an aroma diffuser. Some oils are poisonous to insects and will keep them away from you. Oils such as citronella, lemongrass,  rosemary and lavender are great for killing and repelling these bugs.   are all over your living room and bedroom. With an aroma diffuser, this problem will no longer bother you! Some oils are poisonous for bugs and repel them.

The best oils for kicking bugs out are rosemary, cedarwood, clove, and lemongrass.

It’s Cost-Effective

The reported benefits of essential oils are too many to count. Essential oils are used as a remedy for headaches, sore joints, and boosting your mood and productivity among others. Can you imagine how many cedis you can save when you’re not frequently visiting the doctor and pharmacy? Plus, it doesn’t cost much, just GH¢180. What’s more? Our ultrasonic aroma diffusers disperse oil efficiently, ensuring nothing goes to waster. This saves you money on buying new oils. 

Bonus: Great for experiments

Bring out the inner scientist in you by mixing oils to produce unique fragrances for your room. 

Why You Don’t Need an Aroma Diffuser

You’ve read all these great points about why you need an aroma diffuser. But what’s the care for not needing them? That’s what we cover below. Spoiler alert, there aren’t a lot of reasons. 

You don’t mind stress

If you want the full benefits of essential oils and don’t mind the extra hustle getting it, then surely, diffusers are not for you. This means you’d rather stuff cotton or tissue, sniff essential oil bottles, bath with it (this isn’t very safe), constantly spray or steaming the oil on the stove (seriously). That sounds like an awful lot of work just to enjoy the benefits when there’s an easier alternative. 

You can’t afford it…..yet

What's the aroma diffuser price in Ghana? GH¢180. Kids to worry about, boyfriend to buy a Play Station 5 for, utility bills and just life, getting in the way, we totally get it. Not everyone can shell out GH¢180 right now to buy the diffuser, despite its unbelievably low cost. And given the ongoing pandemic and how it’s impacting the economy, we understand. But never say never. Things get better and before you know it, you won’t buy just one, but several diffusers for every room in your house and even for your friends. For now, though, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you just might catch one of our promotions. 


Below is a video showing how simple it is to use our Aroma Diffuser. 

Ready to enjoy the benefits of Essential Oils? Get your Aroma Diffuser now

If you've got questions about using the aroma diffuser, our shipping & return policy, our about how to pay for our diffusers and oils, we've got answers on our frequently asked questions page.


PS: We wrote a post about the difference between fragrance oil and essential oils you'll love. Check it out. 

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